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Media Studies

$15 Tangled Bylines
$15 Banned in Kansas
$20 The Struggle for the Soul of Journalism

Missouri History

$20 Little Germany on the Missouri
$20 Francois Valle and His World
$20 Reports on a Journey to the Western States of North America
$25 Benevolence, Moral Reform, and Equality


$25 Bataan Survivor
$30 American Mestizos, the Philippines, and the Malleability of Race
$30 Private Aid, Political Activism
$25 Truman, Franco's Spain, and the Cold War

Books of Photography

$20 Blue Highways Revisited
$25 The Galapagos
$25 The Mississippi
$20 Holding Out and Hanging On

Literary Criticism

$25 Mark Twain and France
$25 John le Carre's Post-Cold War Fiction
$25 Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles
$25 The Subversive Art of Zelda Fitzgerald
$30 How Robert Frost Made Realism Matter
$20 Hemingway's Wars
$25 Reconceiving Nature
$20 Rafts and Other Rivercraft
$15 Becoming Laura Ingalls Wilder
$25 Creating Identity in the Victorian Fictional Autobiography
$30 Equatorial Guinean Literature
$15 Gender Play in Mark Twain

Constitutional Democracy

$25 From Oligarchy to Republicanism
John Henry Wigmore and the Rules of Evidence $20
Bureaucracy in America $25
$20 Uncovering the Constitution's Moral Design

African American History

$25 Black Chicago's First Century
$15 Take Up the Black Man's Burden
$15 They Raised Me Up
$15 The Curt Flood Story

Cultural Studies

Rube Tube $25
Fiddler's Dream $15
$15 The Unheeded Cry
$15 Breaking Babe Ruth

Biography and Memoir

Guillaume $15
Bread $15
A Very Private Public Citizen $15
$15 The Autobiography of Harry S. Truman

Organizational Psychodynamics

$25 Discovering Organizational Identity
$25 The Dysfunctional Workplace
$25 Listening Deeply