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Media Kit for The Brazil Chronicles by Stephen G. Bloom

As a young journalist at the Brazil Herald from 1979-81, Stephen G. Bloom spent his early professional years working in Rio’s seedy Lapa district, surrounded by fugitives, drug runners, pornographers, and stealth CIA agents. The expat newspaper was a breeding ground for a different kind of storyteller — audacious risk-takers who told madcap tales of Amazon plantations, Confederate emigres, and lost Indian tribes. Several renown journalists cut their teeth at the Brazil Herald, including acclaimed New York Times correspondent Tad Szulc, Huffington Post CEO Eric Hippeau, and an untamed Gonzo reporter by the name of Hunter S. Thompson.

Drawing from extensive archival research and more than 150 interviews with his former colleagues, Bloom’s eye-opening narrative dive is both entertaining and academically rigorous. With a backdrop of coups, nonstop political instability, censorship, hyper-inflation, and weekends at sultry Ipanema Beach, The Brazil Chronicles doubles as a coming-of-age memoir, following young Bloom as he embarks on his quest to become a foreign correspondent, relocating to a foreign country to pursue under-the-radar stories and tall tales.

“An entertaining and enlightening journey, this deeply reported narrative unfolds through the eyes of a relatable and passionate Bloom, the older and wiser narrator reflecting upon the choices of his younger self with humor, affection, and remarkable candidness. Embedded within this engaging true tale, Bloom tugs at universal themes: coming of age, identity, the pull of ambition, the power of instinct, and delightful explorations into human nature.”—Erika Hayasaki, University of California, Irvine, author of Somewhere Sisters: A Story of Adoption, Identity, and the Meaning of Family

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