The Present State of Scholarship in the History of Rhetoric
A Twenty-First Century Guide
Edited by Lynée Lewis Gaillet & Winifred Bryan Horner
272 pages
6.13 x 9.25
6 bibliographies

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About the Book

Through two previous editions, The Present State of Scholarship in Historical and Contemporary Rhetoric has not only introduced new scholars to interdisciplinary research but also become a standard research tool in a number of fields and pointed the way toward future study.

Adopting research methodologies of revision and recovery, this latest edition includes all new material while still following the format of the original and is constructed around bibliographical surveys of both primary and secondary works addressing the Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, and eighteenth through twentieth century periods within the history of rhetoric. The Present State of Scholarship in the History of Rhetoric doesn’t simply update but rather recasts study in the history of rhetoric.

The authors—experienced and well know scholars in their respective fields—redefine existing strands of rhetorical study within the periods, expand the scope of rhetorical engagement, and include additional figures and their works. The globalization and expansion of rhetoric are demonstrated in each of these parts and seen clearly in the inclusion of more female rhetors, discussions of historical and contemporary electronic resources, and examinations of rhetorical practices falling outside the academy and the traditional canon.

New to this edition is a cumulative review of twentieth-century rhetoric along with a thematic index designed to facilitate interdisciplinary or specialized study and scholarly research across the traditional historical periods.

As programs incorporating rhetorical studies continue to expand at the university level, students and researchers are in need of up-to-date bibliographical resources. No other work matches the scope and approach of The Present State of Scholarship in the History of Rhetoric, which carries scholarship on rhetoric into the twenty-first century.


Lynée Lewis Gaillet is Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Georgia State University and editor of Scottish Rhetoric and Its Influences and Stories of Mentoring.

Winifred Bryan Horner is Radford Chair of Rhetoric and Composition Emerita at Texas Christian University and Professor of English Emerita at the University of Missouri. Her books include Nineteenth-Century Scottish Rhetoric: The American Connection and Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap.


Present State of Scholarship in Historical and Con
Edited by Winifred Bryan Horner & Foreword by Walter J. Ong, S.J.

Classics and Contemporaries
John W. Aldridge

Workings of Fiction
Essays by Robert Bechtold Heilman

Critics Who Made Us
Edited by George Core

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